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What makes us different?

On this page, you can check what makes us different and why you should request renovation services from us. Besides many advantages, you might be interested in how we can help you save renovation costs.

In most cases, you are told what you can expect from a home renovation company, but in our case, you can check the quality and services before you request them. In addition, we try to document everything showing before/after effect. This approach can give you a perspective on how your remodeled bathroom, kitchen, garden, or any place that requires renovation will look.

Nevertheless, let’s split the answer into main topics:

  1. Comprehensive home renovation services
  2. Passion for perfection
  3. An innovative approach to home renovation
  4. We give new life to old items
  5. Modern designs for your dream home
  6. We will help you save renovation costs
  7. Flexible working hours
  8. Renovation Coaching Services Save You Time and Money


Comprehensive home renovation services

We are not bricklayers, painters, carpenters, tilers, or plasterers. We represent something more. We have acquired all the qualifications and skills to comprehensively provide services because this is the only way to plan all works so that they do not conflict with each other and are performed in the shortest possible time. Moreover, comprehensive service lets us see all potential problems and solutions that can save you money. Thanks to our extensive education and experience in home renovation, and not only, we provide services at the highest level with a satisfaction guarantee. You can find a complete list of our qualifications and experience on the “Home Renovation Services” subpage.

Passion for perfection

During the implementation of various projects, we always strive for perfection because we are satisfied with a well-done job. The final result counts for us, and we guarantee that if we are satisfied with it, then you will be impressed. Our projects are characterized by precision, unique appearance, and extremely low prices. We do not throw old things away. Instead, we restore and reuse them to take care of your home budget without losing the final appearance and functionality. This, of course, does not mean that we do not implement modern projects. It all depends on your requirements and the budget you want to spend on home renovation.

As we know, everybody can use the word “professional”. Therefore the best way to assess our work is by checking finished renovation projects and pictures. By watching the pictures, you can decide if you like our quality. If you have some more questions, please get in touch with us.

An innovative approach to home renovation

We solve problems in many ways, much easier, faster, and sometimes even cheaper. We learn every day, drawing ideas and solutions from the best in the world to implement them in our projects. In addition, we are working on our solutions and modern products that improve home renovation and provide new functions. For example, in our solutions, we use hand-made concrete with insulating properties – it is resistant to water and temperature and is so light that it floats on water. Additionally, it is the cheapest solution on the market.

If you are looking for unconventional solutions, we invite you to take advantage of our renovation services.

We give new life to old items

If you have a garage full of old items, or a shed stuffed with antiques to the roof, there is a good chance that we will be able to restore them and use them in a renovated house. Remember that old furniture was usually made of solid wood, which was much stronger than the materials used today to build modern furniture. Currently, all products are of lower quality, and by restoring old items, you can get a unique vintage effect even in a modern dream home.

Let us help you restore old furniture to fit the newly remodeled home.

Modern designs for your dream home

We love old houses, but that doesn’t mean we don’t move forward with time. For us, a modern, energy-efficient home with full automation and the use of the forces of nature is the essence of contemporary architecture. We do not stand still but follow the trends by implementing a modern solution, both for old and new homes. In our work, we use modern technologies to improve our clients’ dream homes.

If you value your home and plan to install photovoltaic panels, solar water heater, collect rainwater, or install an alarm system or monitoring, please get in touch with us. We will improve your home by supplying specialized components.

We will help you save renovation costs

It’s time for the essential advantage that we offer you. We provide solutions that save you money in different ways, but the bottom line is we don’t say how much you will have to pay.
Instead, you tell us how much you can pay for our renovation services.

What’s more, we offer not only renovation services but also coaching. If you can do the work yourself, but you need someone with experience who will suggest some solutions or how to do some work, contact us and ask for a coaching service. The most important advantage of this service is that we can provide it remotely using, for example, a telephone and a camera with which you can explain your problem, and we will tell you how to perform the work. Thanks to this solution, you will get help immediately, without incurring high costs, especially without wasting time.

If you need professional help, please get in touch with us.

Flexible working hours

We don’t work from – to. We work to complete the task, no matter how long it takes, adapting to weather conditions and the time of day. Of course, we sometimes need to rest, but our priority is the client’s good and the work’s end as soon as possible.

Moreover, sometimes the situation requires you to work longer hours, even at night, on Sundays or public holidays. Certain materials cannot get wet and need time to dry, and the weather varies. For example, if it is possible to rain on Monday, and we carry out work sensitive to moisture, we will do it on the weekend to be in time before the downpours. We will not let you down. We respect our clients and their money spent on materials and working time. Therefore, as far as possible, we will do everything possible to prevent material losses due to weather or other factors beyond our control.

We look forward to working with you on converting your home into a dream home.

Renovation Coaching Services Save You Time and Money

Benefits of using our renovation coaching services:

  1. Improved project planning: A renovation coach can help you develop a detailed plan for your renovation project, including a realistic budget and timeline.
  2. Increased efficiency: A renovation coach can help you identify tasks and prioritize them to be efficient.
  3. Cost savings: A renovation coach can help you make informed decisions about the renovation to avoid costly mistakes and stay within your budget.
  4. Stress reduction: Renovations can be stressful. Our coaching service can help you manage stress by providing support and guidance.
  5. Improved communication: We will help you to communicate effectively with contractors, suppliers, and other professionals.
  6. Increased satisfaction with the final result: By working with us, you achieve your vision and goals and eventually increase satisfaction with the final result.
  7. Time savings: A renovation coach streamlines your project and introduces an adaptation plan to complete it more efficiently and quickly.