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Renovation and Remodeling Projects

For the entire year 2022, we focused on one investment, which included many sub-projects, as the entire property was remodeled and renovated.

We had to take care of everything from the smallest elements to as demanding as the drainage of practically the entire property. It had to do with underground waters and the fact that this property was previously swampy, and the whole area tends to get wet.

Furthermore, one of the house’s two main water pipes was damaged during the renovation of a neighboring property. This caused the roof’s entire surface to collect rainwater, and since the water had no outlet, it collected at one point. It was one of the corners of the house. The situation was so dramatic that water literally poured into the basement through the corrosion cracks, and the pump had to run non-stop to pump the water out of the basement. During heavy rainfall, the basement’s water level rose to 20 cm (8 inches).

Due to the water remaining under the foundations and the lack of proper drainage and protection of the foundations and walls against capillary penetration of water, the wooden floor beams were subjected to constant moisture. As a result, they rotted and fell apart, causing the floor to collapse. The garden required proper water management and we decided to harvest rainwater for use as a natural water source.

If you would like to read about individual projects that were part of the comprehensive service, visit the page of the house for sale brunssum (dutch version: huis te koop brunssum).

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